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"Initially, I thought I would come away at 60kg, better looking, diet loving and a fitness freak, but it was much more than that. I am eating cleaner than ever with almost no effort. I'm learning to let my body speak and to listen to it. I'm done worrying about being 60kg because I'm now much more concerned with my health rather than my appearance. I eat actual meals, I don't work on my days off, I do things for me, I have tool kits to handle the world, I'm more positive and I'm reducing stress and I am no longer rewarding myself with happiness, I just try to live it. I've learnt so much from Rachel and I'm really glad I completed the 90 days with her loving support"


"I thoroughly enjoyed the program, at each session I learnt new approaches and skills which I am now using every day. I would thoroughly recommend this transformation program to anyone wanting to change their mind set and have a better and healthier lifestyle"


"The program really helped me realise why I had some of the bad habits that I had in my life, and what is was I was trying to fulfil with those bad habits. Being able to take a step back and analyse them really helped me manage those habits, such as snacking unnecessarily. 

Due to the program, I also realised how unhealthy my work-life relationship had become, and the guilt of not always being 'switched on' was alleviated when Rachel was able to make me see how that was having knock on effects in my personal life"


"Rachel has a personality that is inviting and easy to connect with. Her voice and her laugh make conversation easy and comfortable. Rachel demonstrates a genuine interest in promoting health and wellbeing and is all in when it comes to helping you make change"


"Rachel has a gentle approach to her coaching style and really let me as the client play a significant active role in our sessions. She is really comfortable to remain silent and listen, but helped to get me to talk through my lifestyle choices in detail. She offered simple structures to our sessions and outlined this at the start to ensure I knew the content before we talked through it. She provides good practical hints and tips as to how I can put the advice in to practice in my lifestyle, and provided good further reading and social media influencers to consider following. I would really recommend Rachel to anyone who is open to changing their lives, and let her enable you to be your own answers!"


"Rachel was great! Talking with her today, I felt understood and all the nervousness I felt before our session quickly melted away. She was attentive and it was easy to open up to her"


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